We live in a world where technology is the dominant force driving every industry. It’s now the focal point of many businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide. That’s why we have self-driving cars, accessible home delivery apps, and global communication systems that help companies achieve more. However, one thing has changed the way people and companies interact now. The smartphone! Everyone has a phone these days. But the features each phone has is revolutionary. In addition, we have access to the internet, businesses, stores, and entertainment right at our fingertips. So, it’s no wonder they’re so popular.

Augmented reality is a new piece of tech taking the industry by storm & one of the most popular digital marketing trends in 2023. And with Facebook’s Metaverse around the corner, more companies are jumping on board. So, today, we will focus on augmented reality app development with a new application on Samsung devices. What are we talking about? The AR Zone app. It’s an application preloaded on Samsung devices with the Android 10 OS. And it brings new augmented reality features to every user.

But you’re probably thinking, “What is an AR Zone app? Does it do anything special? Why should I take an interest?” And AppSocio has an answer for each of these. However, our augmented reality app development company also knows why AR is a good business prospect. So, stick around, and let’s dive into augmented reality and the AR Zone app with us.

What is AR? – Augmented Reality App Development Overview

To understand the AR Zone app or augmented reality app development, we must define AR. What is augmented reality? And what does it do? These are two important questions if you’re not familiar with the concepts.

Augmented reality (AR) is a simple yet intricate piece of modern technology. It allows users to place digital content in natural world environments. How? Through superimposing images, text, and sound with camera and smartphone technology. So, you can pull up your phone, open the camera, and have pictures, colours and other digital objects around whatever you’re pointing at.

AR popularity exploded in 2016 with games like Pokémon Go. The game makes it possible to interact with digital content or Pokémon in the real world by superimposing them via your smartphone. Since then, the tech has gone mainstream. Apple has their ARKit, and Google released web API prototypes. And we also have tech like the Google Lens that will incorporate wearables with AR tech.

But is AR really what it sounds like? Yes! It is what it sounds like. We can enhance with the use of digital components users can interact with. However, augmented reality does have limitations. It’s not perfectly immersive like VR (Virtual Reality). Augmented reality does not transport you into a digital world. Instead, it allows you to keep interacting with the world around you with a few helpful interactive digital elements.

But now that you know what AR is, let’s jump in and explain:

The Basics of the AR Zone App – by an Augment Reality App Development Company

The AR Zone app is a new application produced by Samsung. It includes various augmented reality features. Here is a general overview of the app:

The AR Zone App:

  • Price – Free
  • Developer – Samsung
  • Available on Samsung and Galaxy Android 10
  • Social Interaction Camera App

AR Zone App – Augmented Reality App Development Breakdown

While many apps offer augmented reality features, the AR Zone app brings something new to the table. The AR Zone app is a Samsung smartphone integrated application with a camera and augmented reality features. It uses the built-in smartphone camera and allows users to take photos or videos while using AR tech to superimpose 3D objects, images, texts, colours and emojis.

In simple words, the AR Zone app works as an extension of the phone’s camera app. And it works similar to other applications like Snapchat and Instagram with augmented functionality and features. However, there is one key difference between AR Zone and other applications. It has more advanced augmented reality technology and features than existing apps. As a result, users can edit outfits they wear, record videos, as well as create real-life character emojis.

But how does the app work? First, let’s find out how Samsung’s augmented reality app development team tackles the app functionality.

Augmented Reality App Development Company Explains – AR Zone App Functionality

There are many kinds of augmented reality apps on smartphones. And most offer a variety of features that customers and users can use. But it all comes down to the type of augmented reality app. For example, Pokemon Go allows users to play with Pokemon in the real world using their phones. However, tools like Google Lens allows users to translate text and images and display the translated text using augmented reality. So, where does AR Zone’s functionality fit in? After all, it’s a camera app. So, what’s all the buzz about?

That’s easy to answer from an augmented reality app development perspective. The AR Zone application is an augmented reality app that allows users to add realistic 3D objects and characters using the device’s camera. But it’s not the same as other AR camera apps. How? Users do not need to record videos and then edit them later as they did before with other AR apps. In the past, users would need to add filters, transformations, transitions and elements after making a video. However, AR Zone features allow you to add AR objects like doodles, stickers, emojis, animated texts, and backgrounds while you record. So, no more taking videos first and then editing them later! Now you can do everything in one go.

However, that’s not all AR Zone offers. For example, with Samsung’s app, you don’t require a separate application to create a Bitmoji! Instead, you can simply export yours using the AR Zone app to send it to other chat applications just like an emoji.

App Features – AR Zone App

There are many features the AR Zone app offers users of Samsung devices. Our augmented reality app development company has compiled a list to explain each one in detail. While the app is a simple video and emoji application, there is an interesting usage of AR technology with each feature. Here is what the AR Zone app includes:

  • AR Emoji Camera: This allows users to create ‘My Emoji” that looks like them. Users can then use these characters to create videos.
  • AR Doodle: Users can record videos with virtual handwriting. Thus, allowing them to draw on anything and anywhere.
  • AR Emoji Stickers: This allows users to make stickers with ‘My Emoji’ expressions or actions.
  • Deco Pic: Capture videos and pictures with AR stickers.

Business Prospects of Augmented Reality App Development and AR Zone App

The current projections for AR and VR indicate they play a significant role in the extended reality industry. Thus, augmented reality for devices and mobile devices is set to experience exponential growth in the years to come. But as mobile devices continue to grow and develop with new users jumping on every day, it leaves the door open for businesses to jump in and capitalize on the market. Statistics show that AR and mobile users will shoot up to around 1.74 billion by 2024. So, there isn’t a better time to start your augmented reality app development.

Samsung brings AR functionality to its userbase. And with the growing trend of social media apps like TikTok, they seek to put their spin on things. Thus, users can add, edit, and change backgrounds, animations, and more with their friends and family.

But there are very few augmented reality apps on the market. And from a business standpoint, this is great news. While Google Play or the App Store have sections for AR apps, most are either game or do not compete with the services of the AR Zone app. Even apps like Canvas have limited beta AR functionality. But it has over 1000+ downloads on Google Play with ratings exceeding 4.4. So, there is a lot of ground an augmented reality app development company can cover.

Moreover, media giants like Instagram or Snapchat are not currently tapping into the full potential of AR technology with their business models. So this means entrepreneurs can step up and easily grab a share of the market with even basic augmented reality features. Thus, earning profits in the process.

But how does one engage in augmented reality app development? Is there an easy way to do it? Let’s find out by answering:

How to Engage in Augmented Reality App Development as a Business?

There are many ways for an individual or business to engage in augmented reality app development. For example, you can launch an app with integrated AR features and earn revenue from advertisements and sponsors. But apart from ads, a free application can also use monetization structures such as in-app purchases. So, the first step is always selecting one of the many revenue models your app can employ. So, businesses should keep which one they will use in mind before beginning augmented reality app development.

1. Monetization

As mentioned above, the first step is always monetization. After all, as an augmented reality app development company, you need to earn money. So, either earning through advertisements or premium subscriptions, or in-app purchases will be the first thing to decide. For example, apps like Canva are free to download but charge for the premium edition and feature set. So, businesses can adopt these models to work with the functionality of their apps. Thus, earning a steady revenue stream. However, it’s best to first analyze your audience before introducing any changes to current monetization models.

2. App Features

The second step to augmented reality app development is choosing a set of features your app will offer. For example, gaming company features allow users to bring the game to the real world. Thus, allowing you to interact with the game elements on the go. Let’s take the same example of pokemon go. Gamers can use their camera to find Pokemon hiding around them and then choose to capture them.

On the other hand, the AR Zone app allows users to interact with visual elements using augmented reality. Unfortunately, developing your feature set can be quite a heavy investment. But the ROIs can also be extremely high – possibly reaching the millions.

3. Helpful Services

We understand if you’re stumped with augmented reality app development complexities. After all, developing any application can be very challenging. But there are helpful augmented reality tools and services you can use to speed up the process. So, what are we talking about? Well, our augmented reality app development company makes creating your app easy. You can reach the AppSocio team and have a professional team of US developers create your mobile application. So, contact us to include both AR and VR features in your program while also keeping your augmented reality app development budget in mind.

The Next Step

The AR Zone app is a cool new program by Samsung that allows its users to use the camera extension to produce exciting content. But that isn’t the only AR experience that smartphones allow. Augmented reality is a new avenue for companies and businesses to innovate upon. It will enable us to change how people interact with their phones and devices while moving around the real world. Therefore, it’s important to take the right path as a company engaging in augmented reality app development. And remember, your app will always help your company reach new heights. But it isn’t always easy to create one. Fortunately, there are plenty of dev tools and tricks you can use to aid your efforts. So, keep pushing forward and learn new ways to develop your mobile application.


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