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Why’s AppSocio One of the Best Augmented Reality Companies?

AppSocio builds scalable augmented reality products to assist businesses in improving their operations, manufacturing, training, and other areas.

Business problems are to AppSocio what cookies are to the Cookie Monster. We devour them with our incredible, targeted solutions. Whether you don’t have a complete idea of the augmented reality solution you need or have a full plan and need experts on it, we’re the team for you.

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How We Help Industries With Our Augmented Reality
Apps and Software

Here are some examples of how AppSocio serves industry cases:

Industry-Wide Applications of Augmented Reality

Here are some of the ways industries are using augmented reality to improve their services offerings for customers:

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Our augmented reality solutions are for everyone. Contact AppSocio today and make the most of technology!

Our Augmented Reality Solutions

Our team leverage interactive technology to combine computer-generated and real-world elements.
Here is how we add new augmented layers to the virtual world:


It’s most likely that our journey will start with a basic discovery call.

We will discuss your needs, any plan, and instructions you may already have, and in case you don’t, create one for you. We will also cater to any queries you may have. Once we get the basic information, we will be able to give you a quote based on the tech we will use and the hours required to complete the task.


Once you agree to proceed with us, we will take you officially on board.

Our teams will use the details you provide us to conduct research. We will check if there are any existing solutions available and search for their strengths and weaknesses in customer reviews. This will show us what people want and what they don’t, so we can build a solution that serves your audience better.

Final Touch

When we have enough material to give us a thorough understanding of what we want to develop, we choose the software development kit (SDK) best suited for the purpose.

Then we start designing how the app would work and create its prototype. We will share this with you. So, if you want any changes, we can incorporate them right away. When we have your green light, we will develop your augmented reality app or software.


With the development and testing done, the product will be ready for launch.

AppSocio’s augmented reality development teams will deliver the solution to you, and if you wish, we can publish it to the app stores. If it is a non-app enterprise solution, we’ll set it up for you. In the latter case, we can also give you a demo wherever you need it installed. We will also provide you with a year’s worth of free maintenance and aftercare.

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AppSocio is an augmented reality solution provider that offers a wide host of AR services to clients around the globe. Our teams will start a project by discussing the details in depth with you, so we can fully understand what you’re looking for. Once we have enough details to visualize a solution, we will create a route to get there and describe the approach to you. Next, our teams will start researching and laying down a basic layout for your AR app design. This occurs after extensive market research and many discussions over user stories. But once we finalize that, we will develop and test the solution iteratively. When you get your AR solution, you will have an app that delivers an answer to the problem you intend to fix.

AppSocio’s AR services are in a league of their own. Our experts have worked with industries of different sizes and in varying niches. Learn more about them here:

Our Tech Stack for Augmented Reality Development

With great software comes great responsibility. Our professionals understand the importance of leveraging cutting-edge technology and are fully trained to utilize native features of the tools to solve business problems. Following are some of the tools we work with:

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Frequently Asked Questions

An augmented reality software superimposes moving visuals onto the existing real-life view. This creates an amalgam of virtual and actual environments.

We serve AR solutions to many industries, including the following:

• Education

• Travel

• Real estate

• Manufacturing

• Banking and logistics

AppSocio is an end-to-end augmented reality solution provider. We develop apps and software on-demand for our clients across the globe. We have smart and creative AR experts on the team who can solve any business problem you bring to the table. Get on a no-obligation discovery call with us to learn more! You can contact us at 302-597-7401.

A popular example of AR technology is Pokémon Go. However, there are other games with great following, like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Jurassic World Alive, Ingress, and more.

When we develop augmented reality games or software, we take into consideration factors, such as the OS required, support for native AR tools support, and the programming languages that will help create amazing solutions.

The pricing really depends on the type of solution. For instance, a small app would certainly cost lower than an AR shop view. But would also catch your audience’s eye? We have the answer! If you have a business solution or game idea in mind and want to know about the budget you’d need to set aside for it, you can contact our teams at or 302-597-7401.

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