The idea behind playing games has changed drastically over the past decade. People now play games not only for entertainment but to earn some extra cash. Of course, there were times when people used to play games (actually physical games), but then the trend changed, and people turned to video gaming. This trend continued as AI became more interactive, interesting, entertaining, and close-to-life.

Now people earn from playing video games – the average gamers now earn via buying and selling in-game NFTs or finishing game challenges in exchange for cryptocurrency prices. So, if you’re fascinated by the trend and want to learn more about how the NFT games work, how to make money from NFT gaming, and which NFT games can help you earn, this article is for you. Read on to understand the whole concept behind NFT gaming.

What are NFTs?

NFT stand for Non-fungible token; it is a digital, cryptographic token on the blockchain representing a unique item. For example, it could be a game advantage, any collectable object piece in the game, or any real-life advantage such as real state shares.

The Non-fungible token (NFT) is an exclusive gaming property that cannot be swapped identically for another token. So, for example, you can trade a bitcoin for another bitcoin. However, dealing with an NFT like this is impossible. Even with NFT art released in a series with multiple versions, each NFT’s metadata will differ.

An NFT is a digital asset representing real-world objects like art, music, and video gaming. They are bought and traded online, often with cryptocurrency, and they are generally encoded with the same underlying software as many cryptos. NFTs have solved the long-standing issue of creating decentralized digital collectability and ownership in a virtual world.

Quite Interesting, right? We bet you’d like to learn more about NFT gaming now. These games are specifically manufactured to entertain the audience and help them earn by playing and staying connected globally. The games are developed by high-end designers and software engineers who set the scale and game bar to another level. Appsocio is one application building platform that helps you build your own NFT game, with their talented team working to give you a game development experience of a lifetime.

A global gaming report says the gaming market was valued at about 162.32 billion in 2020 with the help of COVID-19 impacting society and changing our normal routine. Furthermore, the market will likely expand 1.8 times by 2026, to around 295.63 billion dollars.

The COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns had a greater impact on the gaming industry. The gamers spent about 45% more time playing video and ar zone games when forced to remain inside their houses. In addition, people were unemployed, which encouraged NFT gaming.

Let’s talk about some of the best NFT games and how investing in such games will help you earn well.

The Seven Best NFT Games in the Market

You can find many well-developed mobile applications online, including NFT gaming apps. The application allows you to trade within games and make money while playing them.

While making an NFT game software, the NFT Game Development Company came up with the idea of how the person playing games can sell items, characters and other valuable objects needed in the game. They also have to look after the trade availability while remaining within the character and making the most money. However, these things are often discussed; let’s get to the games’ main point – which ones are worth playing! So, the following are the 7 best games you can play to earn and have your source of entertainment as well.

  1. Silks – the overall finest play-to-earn game for 2022
  2. Evolution Land – The best play-to-earn game with a real-world scenario
  3. Forest Knight – play-to-earn Fantasy realm world
  4. Battle of the Guardians – A play-to-earn game that rewards instantly
  5. Chosen Ones- Forthcoming auto-battler game with play-to-earn Features
  6. Gods Unchained- Free-to-Play trading card game
  7. The Sandbox- NFT game with limitless customisation  

Since the little discussion over the pay-to-earn NFT games has light-up our interest, let’s have a detailed conversation about the games.


The best of all NFT games is the silks. It offers profitable play-to-earn crypto and gives players the chance to advantage from an interesting link between the metaverse and the real world. In addition, this game provides the gamers with a first-of-its-kind connection to the exciting world of thoroughbred horse racing, complete with various compelling play-to-earn gameplay components.

The connection between real-life and virtual reality is surreal in Silks. A player must own a digital horse in the game, which will directly be linked to a real racehorse. The game holds enormous datasets of information on bloodlines, race, and the development history of racehorses. Silks ensure that every digital horse possesses just like the real world.

The innovative idea of the Silks game has appealed to a large number of gamers and other audiences because of its great play-to-earn feature. Gamers buy or obtain Silks avatars and interact with other players to experience a friendly ecosystem and help create sub-communities of like-minded people.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a play-to-earn online trading card game where the gamers can get cards by buying them or winning them by challenging others in PVP battles. Interestingly, the trading cards within this NFT game are ecosystem structured to provide ‘true ownership’ of each card.

The mobile version of God’s Unchained is still an underdevelopment process. However, the game is available only for PC gamers. The NFT gaming industry has grown above anyone’s imagination due to the developer and mastermind that come up with the ideas. These games enhance people’s knowledge about virtual reality and help them earn enough to run a household because some of us are still struggling to keep up with routine after the COVID -19 pandemic.

NFT Game Development is a great business idea if you’d like to have a side business and be entertained. Developers at AppSocio have immense knowledge and high command in developing mobile applications and software, which are currently high in market demand.

Now, returning to the Gods Unchained, when players win a  PVP match, they receive points, and if the winning points are enough, the gamers are transferred to a higher level and receive several cards for free. In addition, gamers can trade the winning cards later in the NFT marketplace or within the game ecosystem.

Forest Knight

It’s a game that transports the players to a great fantasy kingdom. Forest Knight is a game with a wholly developed in-game economy built on token standards.

Additionally, the FK features a large land that the player can buy, and they can work on the ground to make it liveable along with it; the game offers interesting creatures, characters, and entertainment. The game’s main goal is to progress through the levels, fight crash ministers, and gain as much experience as possible.

The game lets the player participate in PVP with real users after the gamer crosses the sixth level. And as a reward for completing each level, the player receives an NFT and other helpful merch.

Any player can win over 100 plus objects and collectables, assemble a team of knights, and select fight styles and powers, which help the gamer win the prizes.

In addition, the players also have the opportunity to build their city and manage its economy with the NFT price money. The more cities you’ll create, the more people you’ll have as your knights to defend your city from monsters and dragons.

Battle of the Guardians

Battle of the Guardians is a multi-player game with real-life seniors – where players get an experience to battle against the enemy and earn rewards and later convert them into cash. Battle of the guardian is built using blockchain technology, and what sets this game apart is the top-notch graphics used in the game, giving the players an ethereal feeling. The game also offers the players some amazing chances to win the NFTS and make incredible profits. If you are a gamer, you can battle another gamer from the other realms effortlessly

Battle of the Dragon is a game, a place, a situation where ideas become realities. The mobile gaming application results from the careful deliberation of the developers and founders of the game. Their idea was to construct something that could work in the current economy and meet the market’s future potential.

Virtual reality and the gaming industry will make more revenue in the future. And the creators of Battle of the Dragons think the game will contribute to a stable and long-term economy while allowing the gamers to enjoy their leisure time and earn from it.

Evalution Land 

This game is a virtual mockup of reality, and it is one of those blockchains NFT games in which you can create your fantasy worlds and rule them however you like. So, if you are considering something unique and out of the box, this NFT game is for you. Evaluation Land is a game of your choice as you can buy a house, construct property and sell it afterwards.

Evalution Land offers the following gameplay option that keeps the audience interested in the game for hours:

  • Organisation
  • NFT Collection
  • Genetic factor
  • The battle between the revival
  • Auction of the game items
  • Breeding

This game is based on a mainstream public blockchain, meaning your ownership in the game is secured and protected by blockchain technology. It allows the gamers to evolve and scale their game characters – a perfectly real-world scenario game, where they can set the economy to buy, win, and then sell or trade their game wins, a.k.a assets for cryptographic tokens.

Moreover, this game is all about offering entertainment and earning opportunities. The NFT game also offers its players collectables, and every year, the worth of this collectable increases due to an increase in user and downloading capacity. When a gamer buys land in the game, the land is considered the most substantial asset, where every continent has 2000 lands with different resources.

Evalution Land revolves around battles, collection, research, understanding new levels, education, and management of the unique challenges. And at the end, a gamer can trade the assets online.

The Sandbox

This game runs on the Ethereum network and allows its players to create their video games. The gamers have to create their characters and play those characters simultaneously to win the tokens. The token later can be used to buy and sell items in the game, and the most valuable object is SAND.

Sandbox is known best for its two smash mobile hits:

  • The Sandbox (2011)
  • The Sandbox Evolution (2016)

Both game versions combined generated about 40 million downloads on Android and IOS. In 2018, developer Pixowl decided that this game needed to be catered to more public, which meant making it available on the mobile phone, so the creators generated a large number of gaming IPs and gathered a community to support the blockchain ecosystem.

The main goal of Sandbox is to provide the public with more non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and a true ownership gaming experience. Furthermore, it rewards the players for their participation in the ecosystem and gives a chance for virtual reality to grow.

Chosen One

This game also supports a play-to-earn feature developed on the Binance Smart Chain. Influenced by the power of unity, the chosen one is a game that aims to combine non-fungible tokens (NFT Game Development) artwork and the battle elements into an exciting gameplay experience for the gamers. Since the game was developed by the Latin American Brand Fork Gaming, the largest E-sports group – it gained a massive reputation in a short period. It became a hit play-to-earn mobile application for 2022.

However, the game has the immutable nature of NFTs, meaning once a card has been drawn or created, it cannot be transformed. This game element has appealed to the audience to a great level as the gamers can use the card at any time because the card’s power or status can never be diminished.

Ultimately, the Chosen one is a game that provides a way for skilled gamers to make income by winning the (token) cards and selling them in the secondary market.


The non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are not just a way of making money, but they also help us stay connected. The pandemic has been hard on each of us for so many reasons. The NFTs make life a little better by entertaining us and allowing us to make money out of the fun.

Moreover, if you are looking forward to developing your own NFT game, look no other than Appsocio. The mastermind software engineers and developers behind the company doors ensure your application is built on human interest and helps you generate quick revenue. You can contact the team via the company’s website.


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