If it weren’t for the pandemic, we might not have imagined the world moving this quickly to AI applications for any assistance. However, while technology was moving fast before, COVID-19 gave it another reason to work more efficiently. Artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the most well-known technological developments in this tech-savvy world. It enables a machine or mobile application to complete tasks quickly and precisely.

Back in the days, in early 2000’s we would have never thought cloud computing applications could be bringing us self-driving cars and virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google. Although these AI mobile applications have become a part of our daily lives, the question of how will AI-Artificial Intelligence revolutionize? the world is still to be answered. Thus, it is essential to learn about artificial intelligence first. Once we know what AI is and how the AI mobile application works for the betterment of humans, we’ll understand how it will revolutionize the world too.

What Is Artificial Intelligence and How Does It Work?

Artificial intelligence Technology (AI) is an intelligent machine mimicking human behaviour or thinking and can be trained to solve problems. AI models have been prepared using large amounts of data to make intelligent decisions.

Now to the question, how does it work to make human life easier? So, many software developers have developed different applications to help with daily tasks. For example, there are apps like the grocery delivery app Amazon Fresh or the remote medical help application DocLink. Moreover, these AI mobile applications are user-friendly, and with customer feedback, they can be renewed and help solve problems more efficiently.

These human-centric but straightforward mobile applications give a revolutionary experience to everyone. But there has been a severe discussion over how these mobile applications work to cater to the needs of people. How do these applications serve humans?

How do the Mobile Applications Work

The AI technology combined with the now-standard mobile development architecture gives you one revolutionary AI application that elevates the user experience to high-level standards.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a tool that chains data sets to make the machines perform tasks similar to those performed by humans. There are plenty of AI mobile applications available today, such as healthcare and image processing apps.

According to a report, AI will be adopted by more than 70% of the industry by 2030 and will account for more than 40 percent of annual economic growth. So, eventually, AI will boost consumer demand, labour productivity, and product improvements in all business areas.

AI applications are stand-alone software programs and mobile apps with artificial intelligence models and algorithms at their core. In its most basic form, an AI app is a computer program that automates a set of tasks to make life easier for humans. Mobile applications such as voice recognition, image convertor, and deep machine learning tasks are now commonly used. Because of the earning models, these AI apps work around, they are especially important for appreneurs. Appreneur is a term for entrepreneurs engaging in mobile application development.

Now we know how these mobile applications work. So, let’s discuss some facts and figures to encourage you to develop an application with AppSocio’s app development team. They provide quality artificial intelligence development services.

Artificial Intelligence And The Figures & Facts

With the help of the following points, you can understand how the AI mobile application industry is growing and how much revenue you can make by having your service provider’s mobile application.

  • The global artificial intelligence (AI) software industry is expected to expand by 126 billion dollars by 2025, according to Statista.
  • Gartner claims that 37% of companies have applied AI over the past four years. Moreover, the number of AI businesses has increased by 270 percent.
  • Servion Global Solution report says that AI will power 95 percent of customer interactions by 2025.

These are a few statistics related to mobile applications and AI. Furthermore, you can find out how these applications work and can make revenue quickly in terms of business by visiting AppSocio. Let’s jump into more details on mobile applications, focusing on the most popular apps to make life easier for humans.

15 AI Applications that Make Human Life Easier

Following are the top fifteen applications more commonly used for any work or assistance. You can download these easily on your phone from the Play Store or iStore.

1. Google Assistant

When it comes to technological advancements, Google has made its mark. For example, Google the browser has significantly expanded the reach of Google Assistant, which now supports thousands of brands.

It is a virtual assistant software app developed by Google, primarily available on mobile and home automation devices. Based on AI, Google Assistant can engage in two-way conversations, unlike the company’s previous virtual assistant.

Google Assistant is artificial intelligence at your fingertips, acting as your communication operator, talking diary, and calendar. You can tell your assistant to save the information and work on it later.

2. Socratic

AI is here to make everybody’s life easier. For students, google launched a free application called the Socratic App that allows its users, mostly students, to ask questions about school work. It is a program that operates with text or speech recognition and helps students learn science, math, literature, and social studies, among other subjects.

The application offers high-quality learning resources from trusted websites, ensuring detailed explanations and links to videos. Socratic is avalaible on both Anroid and iOS.

3. Hound – Personal Assistant

Looking for voice assistance other than Siri or Alexa? One to mark all the checkboxes is the application called Hound. What sets this application apart is its speed and agility.

This application provides users with conversational-style queries converted into commands to provide a seamless experience. The bot answers your questions at lightning speed, and the most amazing thing about this application is interpreting what a person is trying to say.

The level of program working is quite amazing. For example, the assistant understands even if you talk about five things in a single sentence. You can also ask the assistant for recommendations for Chinese cuisine within your walking distance, and the results will amaze you.

It’s available now on iOS and Android.

4. Smart Compose

AI has made everything easier! Don’t you know what to write to finish an email sentence? Google smart composition is here for you. The program helps you compose emails faster than the usual time. The machine program is powered by machine learning and will offer suggestions as you type your emails.

Smart compose uses AI to finish the line you write and suggest you based on the email draft. Pretty helpful, no? There could be no better example of AI saving time and making life better.

5. Quick Reply

Android and iOS offer other applications that AI powers. For example, you can reply to your conversations with the help of Quick Reply. S,o how does the application work? When you receive a message on your WhatsApp or any application – the program suggests some quick replies you can send with just one click.

6. Robin – AI Assistant

AI assistant Robin is the perfect companion if you drive alone and don’t want to lose concentration when you are tired. It gives you options ranging from playing your favourite music or podcasts to providing you information or reading a newspaper. Robin is an AI bot that does all your quick tasks without sounding ‘bot.’

The algorithms of AI bot Robin adapt quickly to its users’ needs and provide a personalized experience. For example, you can download Robin on your Android systems and talk to the bot about your interests in music, and you can ask for directions, check for weather updates, or even send texts or set reminders while driving.

And what will surprise you the most is that if you need someone to talk to, you can also chat with Robin, and your robot friend will crack a joke for you – only if you are in the mood for a good laugh.

7. Grammar Check

The next on the list we have is a grammar-checking application powered by AI – Grammarly. This program is useful for everyone, from students to corporate employees and writers; it helps you eliminate writing errors and find the perfect words to express yourself.

Grammarly is an AI checking assistant that reviews spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement, and delivery mistakes in a write-up. It uses artificial intelligence to identify and search for an appropriate replacement for the error it locates.

Grammarly is available for both Android and iOS users, and you can also use it on your desktop.

8. Shopping AI App – eBay

Who hasn’t heard about e-bay? It is a marketplace that caters to every kind of customer. No matter what you need, e-bay has it all. The perfect example of AI being used to the fullest. The program is built on an algorithm that caters to every customer at a personal level. Customers can buy everything from daily-use items to luxury purchases through a smart search and placement AI that constantly logs and analyses user behaviour to provide relevant suggestions.

As a result, e-bay is a single application where you can find anything you need that provides an endless supply of goods and manages customer satisfaction and a great shopping experience.

9. Proof Hub

If you want to manage tasks and projects and assemble the team on one platform, Proofhub is your platform. It is a project planning software with every tool available that your team needs to get work done faster. The software is an AI-based project loaded with Gantt charts that help the users with the work.

The software also has online proofing, team announcement, and a built-in chat interface. In addition, you can download the software for your Androids for better use.

10. Dropbox

Getting short on storage? This application got your data all covered. Dropbox allows its users to save all their documents, designs, and all other work-related files organized under one code. Of course, it is important to have the documents on your phone with you all the time, but it is more important to keep them saved in a lock; dropbox provides you with a secure space to do that.

You can also create files and edit them directly within Dropbox – there’s no need to switch between different apps.

11. Buoy Health 

It is an AI system that checks the symptoms of medical conditions and disorders. The software is built to analyze and help the users identify the illness. It also helps the customers to treat illnesses after being diagnosed. The application work is simple – a bot listens to the patient’s symptoms and health concerns, and after a careful conversation, it guides their care routine based on its diagnosis.

12. Babylon

Powered by AI, Babylon is software that gives you access to a nurse or doctor 24/7, at no cost. Babylon Health is a digital-first health service provider and value-based care company that combines a virtual platform for patients to coordinate with doctors remotely. In addition, the mobile application allows its patients to stay connected with health care professionals anytime. This is one application that helps society on a serious note.

13.  Personalized Learning

AI ensures smart education; in the old days, every student was treated similarly and was given the same tasks to complete, no matter the capability level. But with the help of these AI Personalised Learning applications,  teachers can make lesson plans according to every student’s needs through machine learning.

The software algorithm works as a design to customize lessons based on each learning profile and tailor-make their training materials.

Suppose you’d support the idea of understanding every child’s needs individually. In that case, you can contact an Artificial Intelligence Development Company such as AppSocio and consider making your learning applications to help the future generation grow at their levels.

14. AI Dungeon

Gaming has taken over the world quickly, but people are concerned with how gaming will affect our generations. Well, Al Dungeon is one application that is a solution for gamers to get rid of addiction. This application simultaneously gives you an experience and adventure, and the game is based on your responses. So, your answer will take you to the other level.

The software generates a story as you move further and gives you more complex questions to answer. Just a few line text answers and a pretty mind happening game.

15. Pandora

Everyone loves to listen to music, and everyone has a different taste in music. So, what Pandora does is provide the users with an endless supply of podcasts, music, and other audio sources of entertainment.

Customers get personalized recommendations based on the history of their playlists. It is an application available for Android and iOS users catering to everyone’s needs.

These are the 15 mobile apps known to have made life easier for humans. However, if you want more assistance on the topic, there is always AppSocio at your service.


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