Gaming and the games industry have gone through many changes over the years. We’ve seen technology bloom and blossom, pushing game development to new heights. And today, gaming is massive. In 2022, the industry is generating over $300 billion. After all, we’ve come a long way since the days of the original Super Mario and Zelda. As a result, the gaming industry is still growing and expanding with many new technologies today. But what tech is making it all possible? Gaming data AI analytics, of course! Thanks to online gaming, developers now have access to more information about players than ever before. But using it to innovate even further is where the tool can be used.

Currently, there are over 2 billion gamers online daily. And these players generate vast quantities of data every day. How much data? More than 50 TB of data a day! And these can also be further broken up into multiplayer titles, social games, and even mobile games.

Developers can harness this data with AI analytics to push development forward with innovative strategies. But everything comes with its challenges! And the same goes for the application of AI analytics in gaming. However, we have industry insight as a game development company with artificial intelligence development services. So, let’s jump into AI analytics to answer “How will AI-artificial intelligence revolutionize the industry?” But before we, as developers, get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s first answer the following question.

What Is AI In Video Games? – Answers by a Game Development Company

Artificial intelligence, or AI, refers to a simulation of human intelligence through machine programming. It allows a computer to think like, and mimic human behaviour or actions. However, artificial intelligence is still a relatively new technology with many applications today – for example, automation, planning, and logistics. That’s right! The gaming industry isn’t the only one to use AI tech.

But in gaming, artificial intelligence helps developers create more difficult and intelligent games that offer new and exciting elements to gamers. How? To understand it, you need to look at how a game development company uses artificial intelligence in a video game.

AI operates and functions as a backbone in many of the current games on the market. They’re used to simulate NPC (Non-Player Character) interactions, physics, and environments with weather or physics. Thus, automating those processes allows game engines to handle basic user interactions easily. As a result, games became more immersive for the players. It wasn’t possible to simulate these key elements of modern games in the past. Instead, developers had to rely on static elements and baked in simulations for everything.

However, this is only one application of AI in gaming. Today, artificial intelligence analytics is helping developers in newer, more exciting ways. It helps with shifting the gaming experience. But if you’re a developer, you’re thinking, “We already have advanced AI in gaming! How can AI analytics benefit anyone?”  That’s where our artificial intelligence development services expertise comes in! Let’s look at:

Gaming AI Analytics – the Impacts and Benefits for a Game Development Company

AI works with data sets that power systems with human intelligence. Many entrepreneurs are jumping on board as AI is further adopted in the software and apps industry. Thus, most businesses will soon incorporate automation and better connect with their audience.

Similarly, gaming can also benefit from the use of artificial intelligence! As games are now more advanced than ever, with new platforms, users and monetization models, the quantity of data is also skyrocketing. Therefore, using AI analytics is an easy choice for a game development company that wants to improve everything surrounding its games and not just the play. However, with all the data gamers produce, it can be a challenge to identify patterns or take action to aid engagement.

And that’s where AI analytics comes in!

Artificial intelligence and ML analytics can help a game development company find many new solutions and opportunities to improve. For example:

  • Enhancing the gaming experience by using AI analytics to resolve user issues
  • Powering strategies for monetization and advertising in gaming
  • Eliminating revenue loss for a game development company
  • Developing more complex and engaging game mechanics

So, let’s dive further into each of the above points to explain better how your game development company can benefit from AI analytics.

User Engagement Solutions for Enhancing the Gaming Experience

The user experience is everything for video games. After all, their sole purpose is to engage users and keep them playing more. And while graphics and plotlines captivate players and improve the experience, there are other ways AI analytics can help.

Developers today are looking to understand user behaviour, issues, and problems. And trust me, there are many! Thus, resolving them in the development process is vital to keep your game afloat. Essentially, making the experience better for the player helps your game survive. After all, user churn is a real problem. So, if your game doesn’t improve or reduce the issues gamers have, they’ll just leave and find something better. Unfortunately, there are many examples of churn in the gaming industry. That’s where AI analytics help by analyzing user gaming data and interactions. Here are some solutions it provides:

  • Predicting or understanding user behaviours, issues, and problems
  • Identifying patterns for user’s likes, dislikes, interests, and challenges
  • Finding reasons for user churn and why players return to the game

Therefore, game developers can use AI analytics to explore how users experience their games and thus, optimize the development process accordingly. But, let’s move on to the next point!

Game Development Company Monetization and Advertising with AI

Every game development company has a monetization and advertising strategy. So, whether it’s a PC or console game, or even a mobile game, every developer needs to focus on revenue. After all, games do need to earn money! But choosing the right monetization strategy is vital to driving user engagement. And there are several examples of players disliking monetization models. These can often result in driving or deterring users from playing the game.

AI analytics is a positive way for a game development company to analyze how they can monetize and advertise their game. Entrepreneurs can effectively study users’ targeted interactions and employ a relevant monetization strategy by using AI and ML algorithms.

Artificial intelligence allows a game development company to personalize advertisements and cater to users’ behaviour. Thus, improving its monetization models while also optimizing the user’s gaming experience.

Our artificial intelligence development services understand how video games can combine concepts like performance marketing and drive significant changes in the industry. We recommend investors and game analysts use AI tools as they can help with identifying growth opportunities by using real-time insights for promotional and monetization models.

Minimized Revenue Losses for a Game Development Company

Revenue loss can be a real problem for a game development company. After all, it takes years to develop and produce a functional game. Losing revenue after investing so much time and effort can be a horrible experience. Therefore, opting in with AI-powered analytics is equally important for developers in the video gaming space.

AI analytics help them with identifying performance glitches, errors, and more. These can be very difficult for game analysts and developers using the standard conventional means of game testing. After all, it can lead to massive losses if the development cycle is extended. These losses affect revenue, users, installations, and more. That’s why any means of avoiding them should be helpful in the long run.

AI-powered gaming analytics is a tool for every development team. And can help developers identify and react to issues quickly. For example, systemic breakdowns and performance problems reduce any revenue loss a game development company can incur.

Developing Better Games through Artificial Intelligence Development Services

While the above is helpful in terms of everything around your game, it’s important to remember that gaming AI can also improve the overall success of your game. For example, artificial intelligence analytics can help developers analyze players’ patterns in-game. Moreover, observing how players interact with your game can be a good way to improve everything from level design to how NPCs operate.

Using the data the AI collects and analyses, developers can focus their attention on creating new aspects of gameplay. Many gaming companies are using artificial intelligence to create games. For example, games like Alien Isolation incorporate AI for how the player is hunted. The game uses artificial intelligence to analyze where players move, hide, run, etc. Thus, making the experience more engaging for the user.

There are many ways a game development company use the tool for producing a good game. We recommend developers try different tools to develop games. Try what works for you.

How AI Analytics Revolutionizes Games Development?

While the above-mentioned uses of AI analytics show us many benefits, the technology is still evolving and revolutionizing the gaming industry in other promising ways too. However, many game development companies still wonder how artificial intelligence will impact the industry in the future. Will it leap out of the experimental phase into more playable games or help development tools? But these questions will soon have an answer! After all, many popular games like DeepMind’s AplhaGo program and OpenAI’s Dota 2 bots are using AI to understand gamers’ behaviours! Thus, responding to emotional or psychological states. But this is only the beginning, and it will only evolve.

As for development tools, AI is set to offer cutting-edge automation and aid with many other aspects of development. AI-driven games and characters will soon evolve to bring players newer, better-looking, and performing games. Tools like Nvidia’s DLSS are already using AI analytics to push the boundaries of visual gameplay resolutions. And it’s even improving performance too!

AI integration will offer gaming experiences much closer to reality than anyone may think. Research indicates it will not only focus on building realistic experiences for gamers, but developers will also use it in games! Thus, it will result in developers developing intelligent software in the future. Furthermore, this software can help train machines to break down complex tasks in the future. As a result, game development will only get easier and less expensive.

In the end, AI analytical tools offer solutions like automation, machine and software training, and self-learning development tools to improve the personalization of human interactions.

So, What’s Next?

The industry is always going to evolve with new tech and software. And artificial intelligence is here to offer developers opportunities for continued growth. And while AI analytics in gaming brings new techniques and experiences, it also sets a new standard for the industry.

However, what can a game development company do to incorporate such analytics? How do they work? What’s the next step? If you’re a new development company, video games generating a massive amount of gaming data will be difficult. After all, without the right tools, AI analytics may seem impossible. If that’s the case, you can trust artificial intelligence development services by Appsocio. We have game developers using technologies such as AI and analytics to ensure user-centricity and personalization.

We hope the AI information above is enough to convince you to use AI analytics for your game’s development and growth. And though you may need to keep an eye on trending tech, always try your best to find more development help with your game development company.


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