On-demand food delivery app designed specifically for moos’n’clucks, a well-known fast-food franchise, to process orders and provide timely delivery based on the provenance of the order.


The customer requested a one-of-a-kind order transferring functionality. For example, if an order is placed at Location A, but the branch nearby is out of stock, the request can be moved to another branch with the client's consent.They also intended to integrate a comprehensive inventory and POS system with the platform for management and time-saving purpose.


The app for Moos'n'Clucks consisted of the following features:

  • Order placement
  • Menu overview
  • Cart management
  • Check out
  • Track rider
  • Manage order status
  • Easy payment gateway
  • Multiple order placement
  • Invoice management
  • Take-away order placement feature
  • Multiple address addition


Our team sought to establish the tone for the brand by designing a branding guide-lined UI based on the food chain's distinct illustrative aesthetic. Characters, environments, and scenarios were all used to construct a distinctive UI to the Moos'n'Clucks brand.In addition, real-time notification technology was required to be implemented in addition to deliver order progress data.


The app for Moos'n'Clucks consisted of the following technology stack:

  • Graph QL
  • Mongo DB (NoSQL)
  • Node Js (Backend & API)
  • React Native (Front end)
  • Firebase (for push notifications & OTP)


No business can get momentum without a bespoke app that generates some network effects. The Moos'n'Clucks ordering app had tremendous organic reach and a favorable buzz because its distinctive UI incorporates important features that increase brand recognition and recall.

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