The Foodistan app allows you to order and savor a range of food delivery selections, including pizza, sandwiches, burgers, seafood, and delicious Thai takeout. Meals can be ordered from local eateries by cuisine, establishment name, course, or meal. Do you prefer pick-up? Rather than waiting in a queue or making reservations, opt to pick up your meal. With the Foodistan app, you can now select your preferred delivery alternatives.


The initial requirement was to develop an application that lists all of the local restaurants and worldwide food chains on a single platform. People could order their favorite meal and have it delivered to their door from the selection of hundreds. With the Foodistan app, everyone could quickly select the cuisine they desire and order meals from establishments.


Foodistan app consisted of the following features:

  • A Local Marketplace for Eateries
  • Unbiased Ratings & Reviews
  • Simple Delivery Ordering
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Order Food Ahead with Pick-up
  • Real-Time Order Tracking
  • No-Contact Delivery Options
  • All Major Food Chains Included
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Secure and Seamless Cashless Payments


The client urged us to create an aesthetically attractive and addicting UI; therefore, we did significant UX analysis with many live discussions and focus sessions of folks on developing color schemes and graphics that appeal to the evolutionary cognition. Furthermore, the app's frequent use prompted the incorporation of other specified functionality periodically.


Foodistan app consisted of the following technology stack:

  • Android Native (front end)
  • iOS Native (front end)
  • My SQL (Database)
  • Firebase (Push Notification)
  • Laravel PHP (Backend)


Foodistan is a foodie's ideal fantasy app. You may explore hundreds of meal selections, check out menus, and order anything your taste buds desire without ever leaving your house. You may have a delivery boy bring your food straight to your door, or you can choose the pick-up option to bypass the wait if you want to eat out.

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