Caddys (food enthusiasts) may communicate with one another by posting their local delicacies on Dining Caddy's application (a social network for caddies). Users of this application may post reviews and ratings for the many restaurants, bars, desserts, and coffee shops featured on the platform. They are able to assess numerous restaurants' menu options, discounts, and customer satisfaction. With the help of these ratings and evaluations, other caddies will be able to make better choices when planning their own excursions.


Because review sites like Yelp! had become unreliable owing to the proliferation of false or skewed ratings, the client's vision was to build a platform that would allow foodies (caddies) to discover and rate new and innovative restaurants in their area, therefore benefiting the local economy. The customer also requested the creation of a social newsfeed in which users could create profiles, post reviews, mention their friends, and get special promotional discounts.


The Dining Caddy app consisted of the following features:

  • RSS Feed for Social Media
  • Bespoke Reviews with Star-Based Ratings
  • Option to Share and Recommend
  • Add media files (Images & Videos)
  • Live-Video Feature
  • Accurate Check-ins
  • Results based on real-time location
  • Restaurant address hyperlinked to Google map for direction
  • File a report option for inappropriate content


We were given the challenge of creating a UI that is aesthetically pleasing and addictive by the client, so we conducted extensive UX research with several live interviews and focus groups of caddies on designing the color schemes and images that are tempting to human's psychology. In addition, the caddies' regular usage of the app necessitated the inclusion of other selected features from time to time.


The Dining Caddy app consisted of the following technology stack:

  • Laravel (Back-End)
  • Android Native (5.0 and Up)
  • iOS Native
  • My SQL (Database)


For foodies, this is akin to a social networking site. Followers' posts appear in a feed. As you get more and more experience via participation, your profile will rise in the ranks. Thoughts and reviews are shared with other users, known as caddys. To find a restaurant, the results are displayed in order of distance from your current location to the one that is farthest away. You'll never run out of new locations to visit if you keep an eye on where your dining caddy pals are heading.

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