Top 15 Google Cardboard Apps to get the Best VR Experience

The invention of Google cardboard has undoubtedly transformed the world of virtual reality. Virtual reality was only restricted to expensive headsets like HTC Viv, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR. However, with the affordable alternative of VR glasses, Google cardboard can be accessible to everyone with a smartphone.

Many IT companies manufacture VR glasses that cost around $100, while Google Cardboard price adds up to only $15 on Amazon.

Google launched an initiative to encourage the development of a less pricey VR headset, and Google cardboard was announced on 28th May 2015. It serves as an ultimate gateway to the Virtual world! In 2016, about 88.4 million Google cardboard units were introduced in the VR market worldwide.

So, why do you want to waste your money on expensive headsets when you can experience the concept with a cheaper headset, Google Cardboard? Get your hands on the Google Cardboard, which can easily be purchased from your local tech shop or online shopping sites.

Hold tight! Because we are about to take you on a trip to the virtual world! Take a look at our top 15 best selections of Google Cardboard Apps to experience VR like never before!

A Google employee presents a Google Cardboard virtual reality headset for android smartphones during a Google promotion event at the City of Fashion and Design (Cite de la mode et du design) in Paris on November 4, 2014. AFP PHOTO / THOMAS SAMSON (Photo credit should read THOMAS SAMSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Radial-G Infinity

This VR-induced App is topping our list of best virtual reality apps. It is manufactured by Tammeka Games and App Development Company and has gained most of its popularity from a Kickstarter campaign. In the game, the player has to cover a certain distance with tremendous speed to get to the finish line. Look out for the drones as they will destroy everything in your way!

The game has some outclass visual effects and high-quality graphics, just what you required to enjoy the fringe benefits of visual reality! You will literally feel the gravity pushing you down and your adrenaline will drop with the sudden maneuvers. And it doesn’t end here! This game has some kickass scores that will elevate your gaming experience.

The headset required for this game is usually Google Daydream. However, Google cardboard will also work fine


This app has everything to offer for the best virtual reality experience. About 60,000 users have reviewed this app and it has been one of the most downloaded Google Cardboard apps for all the right reasons! This app is a gateway to the virtual world, where you can explore and enjoy over 1 million different 360 videos. You can enjoy the luxury of watching all the YouTube 360 videos that are both in 2D and 3D. Not only this, in this app you will find different social platforms to use where you can make new friends. The best thing about this app that it will allow you to capture VP photos through a browser embedded in it.


This app will be a heaven for all the photographers and picture lovers. Stereogram has an interesting take on virtual reality as it allows users to explore images using Google cardboard. This app is induced with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that enables the user to have access to more than 40,000 stereo images through the voice search.

This app permits you to view all the images stored in the New York Public Library and the Boston Public Library. The best thing about this app is that you can have a closer view of the details of every picture and you can maximize the image scale or even create the list of favorites.


Google Expeditions is an app that has revolutionized the concept of virtual reality where anyone can board on a virtual trip to historical landmarks from the comfort of their chair or couch. Teachers can now take students for a visit to historical landmarks, diving into the depth of oceans and wandering out into space, by staying within the boundaries of classrooms. This app utilizes the 360 degree and 3D technology to navigate and guide the users during their virtual field trip. This app has transformed the ways of learning through the use of virtual reality and has everything to offer in terms of educational content. It enables the user to download over 200 expeditions that can be accessed without any Wi-Fi connection.

Tilt Brush Gallery

This app has a lot to offer for all the 3D animators and creative people. The concept of this app is to allow people to dive into virtual creativity and create their own 3D animations. Tilt Brush Gallery allows users to experience 3D objects and experiment with their skills of creating 3D animations. This application is probably the best platform for prospective animators to refine and polish their skills. The tools are quite handy and easy to use, but if you are still confused about using them there are a lot of YouTube tutorials already available for your assistance.

Insidious VR

If you’re looking for something creepy and horror to experience in the world of virtual reality, then Insidious VR would be the best choice! We consider this app as the best in terms of Horror-based virtual experience. This app will give you the feel of being in a horror movie! From suspenseful musical score and small indicators to create tension to all the jump-scares coming in the way, this application is a full package for all the horror movie lovers. If you’re not downloading this app, then you’re missing out on a lot

Roller Coaster VR

This app is one of the most downloaded apps on the Play Store for all good reasons. If you want to experience the virtual rollercoaster ride, then this app has everything you’re looking for! The excitement gets real when the ride ends up in the water. With astonishingly realistic visual effects and astounding graphics, the experience is not less than a real rollercoaster ride. You need to have FIBRUM headset as the game is developed by FIBRUM, but Google Cardboard gives an equally amazing experience than any other headset. You just need to have compatible headphones to truly enjoy the game.


This app is the best in terms of creating and editing 3D animations. This application has both AR and VR aspects that are supported by Google Cardboard. You can explore through a variety of animating tools, information, and experiment with different animations. It has a collection of over two million 2D and 3D models. You can play around with the tools and draw sketches to spend your spare time productively or to engage in mind relaxing creativity after a tiring day at work. Even though this app has some minor glitches, it is completely free of cost so we can’t complain about it much.

Inside Abbey Road

To all the music lovers, studio recording freaks and art enthusiasts, this app is made for you! In the popular Inside Abbey Road Studios, where all the famous bands like The Beetles, Adele, and Muse have recorded their music. Now, the general public can also enjoy the luxury of experiencing the music world through a virtual guide like never before! This app will take you on a virtual trip to the remarkable world of concerts, and orchestras! You can walk and step into the London Symphony Orchestra or find yourself in the middle of the performance. This application gives you an overwhelming VR experience to all the android users.

Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR

If you still believe in the conspiracy theories about the moon landing, then download this application and it will clear all your doubts. You can experience the revolutionary 1971 moon landing through your smartphones. Experiencing the gravity, walking on the moon, distant visuals of the earth and the rumble of the spacecraft, this application has a lot to offer. The application imbedded with real graphics from NASA that will give you a stunning VR experience of the space than any other app. We strongly recommend all the aspiring astronauts or space enthusiasts to download the app to feel the simulation of the famous Moon landing.

Titans of Space VR

The best thing about Virtual reality is that you get to experience the places where we don’t have access to, for example, Space. Titans of Space VR allows you to explore the solar system from your couch. This application comprises graphics and 3D models of space, moon, and planets. You can enjoy using this app with every available VR headset, however, Google Cardboard gives the same experience at a relatively cheaper price than any other headset. For educational purposes, the narration in this app is translated into 15 languages. So if you are fascinated with space and, stars and moons, then download this app without any second thought!

Google Arts and Culture

As virtual reality has opened revolutionary ways of learning, education and cultural studies have taken a major turn with this application. It will probably give you the best VR experience in terms of art and culture. This app allows users to relish the online experience of viewing different art exhibitions, galleries and museums all around the world. Users can now get an educational tour to museums, institutions, exploring details of the artwork, paintings, and masterpieces. You can have all the liberty to zoom in and zoom out or to walk around the places, just like visiting a real museum. This application is worth trying out if you are a historian, student, or teacher for educational purposes and knowledge.

Google street view

Google street view enables every user to explore the world’s historical and cultural landmarks. You can walk into every street, explore through the landmarks and get familiar with different cultures without any visa requirements! This Google Cardboard app allows you to plunge into the images of places all around the world. This app permits the user to submit their images so that people around the globe can have a look as well.

Star Wars VR

Star Wars fans can now enjoy the delight of experiencing the game through virtual reality. This app has an interesting take on the VR games as you can literally find yourself in the role of Jakku from “The Force Awakens”. This app has some amazing features and notifies you with the latest updates, news, events, and announcements of new releases. You can customize the app with the sound features and unlock 3D characters. However, it is recommended to use the application with Android 4.1 and higher for the best experience. Even though this app contains some advertisement messages that could distort your user experience, it is a full package for all the star wars lovers to completely immerse themselves in their favorite characters.


vTime is probably the best social network developed for smartphone virtual reality. The concept is completely based on the device-agnostic. This app allows you to chat and socialize with people regardless of where they are in the world. No matter how far your family members might be, you can chat with them over a cup of coffee or lunch together. So, if your roomie lives across the ocean or you are in a foreign country for studies, this app will help you get connected with your loved ones in the virtual world.

So, here we conclude our list of Top 15 Google Cardboard apps. If you are seeking to have the best virtual reality experience or didn’t get the chance to experience one at all, then we strongly recommend you to try the above mentioned Google Cardboard apps! These apps stand out due to their diversified opportunities and distinct features that no other application can offer. The demand for VR-induced application is surging, allowing many companies to dive into the market and explore innovations. From entertainment to educational purposes, virtual reality is taking over the world by storm. The invention of Google Cardboard has made VR experience more affordable, and there’s plenty of applications available with its massive market constantly pushing for more.

So if we missed any of your favorites, then feel free to reach out to us by sharing your list in the comments.

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