Top 10 Mobile Games

Top 10 Mobile Games

With the advent and rise of smartphones & tablet computers, app development for mobile platforms has risen considerably and sharply, since now apps developed by freelance programmers have arrived on the mobile apps marketplace and are also being downloaded in large numbers. Game development has occupied a prominent place in the mobile application software market and its share is rising as in the year 2016, 80% of all mobile apps developed were mobile games whose revenues grossed around USD$ 36.5 billion. By the year 2020, revenues of mobile gaming apps are forecasted to reach USD$ 58.1 billion. This indicates that the market for mobile games is rising each day and that more developers are looking towards methods to improvise on the gameplay and aesthetics of their existing games and incorporate such in their newer versions as well as in new games which are to be released in the future.


The rise of mobile gaming has expanded the dimension of gaming in a new direction: with most hard-core gamers still playing on computers and consoles, mobile games give new-time gamers a chance at experimenting and playing with an array of games. Puzzle games, sports like football prediction apps, and strategy games are the most commonly played games, with action strategy, action, and racing games occupying a considerable percentage of played games as well. However, consumers should also keep in mind that if they want to download a good game for their mobile devices, then they should purchase that game from a reputed game developer so as to protect their device from viruses, Trojans, malware, and spyware which can not only take their critical data away but also affect the device adversely.

Below are the top 5 iOs games every iPhone/iPad owner must play:

1) Hitman GO: hitman-go-itunes

Most people love the Hitman game series for their open-ended sandbox nature, and at most these games let you move around parties, mansions, jungles, and museums, extract certain items, find your target and take them down in creative ways. Hitman GO is entirely different: it offers an amount of tightly designed smart puzzles that however become more complicated as you keep on progressing. It may look like a dissected board game at first but nevertheless is able to provide the typical Hitman aesthetic and captures the series’ thoroughly satisfying nature. A good match for puzzle and board game lovers but not appealing to those looking for a typical action game.

2) Super Mario Run: super-mario-run-itunes

Mario runs on his own in Super Mario Run and you only have to tap the screen to make him jump, which you must do in order to help Mario collect loads of coins on every level. As simple as it sounds, the programmers at Nintendo have added a dearth of depth to that basic formula and touchpads are in the game that stops Mario in his tracks. Each objective can be achieved repeatedly and each level can be replayed several times with increasingly complicated coin configurations. This game is good for typical Mario enthusiasts but not for those who want to seek more in-depth game action and it requires a data connection as well.

3) Drop 7: super-mario-run-itunes

AreaCode’s numerical puzzle game is among the best short-session games created. As numbers land on a grid sized 7×7 your job is to make them disappear by matching the number of vertical or horizontal spaces to match the digit. It does sound tedious but it is addictive once the player gets hold of the rules involved. It’s a good game for biding the time but for those who want to stay productive, they ought to keep this game out of their phone.

4) Device 6: device-6-itunes

Device 6 is a text adventure and is among the strangest, mysterious, and elegant games ever made for touchscreen devices. It involves a considerable amount of reading and it has been labeled as multimedia-enhanced interactive fiction. As you rotate and flip your mobile device, you will find yourself drawn in a mysterious adventure chasing the winding map of description and design and the game features one of the catchiest pop tunes ever made for a game. Favorable to the spy fiction buffs and fans of the T.V series Lost, this game however is not favored by those who want a lot of action.

5) 80 days: 80-days-itunes

80 days resembles Around the world in 80 days, and that you can travel in any mode of transport: be it a boat, airship, a giant mechanized vehicle or by land as that is the question in the idea of 80 days. This game is a fantastic re-imagination of Jules Verne’s famous novel that casts the player as Passepartout, servant, and valet to the gentleman Phileas Fogg. As a valet, you are responsible for packing luggage, negotiating at marketplaces, and planning the journey around the world. As each trip will be different than the earlier one, 80 days captures the fun and glum of travel with rare jocularity and humanity. Good for those who like interactive stories, travel, and geography fans while unappealing to those needing a typical action game at low investment.

And now, we will feature the top 5 Android games every Android device owner must play:

1) Crashlands: crashlands-play-store

Crashlands was released last year in 2016, & ranks among the best android games ever. An intergalactic trucker is featured as the game’s main character that has crash-landed on an alien planet whose job is to see what’s happening on the planet. The trucker has to build himself a base, collect items, craft them and save the world from a sinister plot. For character development, it has an RPG element, and the game made itself easier by automatically sorting the inventory. With dozens of hours in content, this game has no in-app purchases to get in the way. It is priced at USD$ 4.99.

2) Fallout Shelter: fallout-shelter-play-store

Fallout Shelter was released in 2015 with generally positive reviews and loads of fanfare. The player must build a fallout shelter, populate it with humans and manage it to make sure it runs efficiently. Dwellers have to be sent out to wastelands to fetch goods and fend off attackers. It has substantial depth and it can be played easily for a long time. The developers have done a good job of adding more content to keep things afloat.

3) Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions: geometry-wars-3-dimensions

Geometry Wars 3 has a sizable fan base and has been described as among the most enjoyable indie games made. It continues the proud Geometry wars tradition by introducing 3D maps made out of an array of shapes to make the game more challenging, has 100 levels, 12 battle modes, and played over 15 three-dimensional grids. You will have super abilities as per the game’s norm and all of the high-definition 3-dimensional explosions one can handle. It does seem pricey at USD$ 9.99 but there are no in-game advertisements.

4) Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft: Hearthstone-playstore

This game arrived in the marketplace in 2014 and is ranked among the best android games since then. It has a similar concept to Pokemon or Magic: where the players collect birds, build decks and duel other players using those decks. There are some offline components but the game is still quite online. Via, cloud saving can be allowed which will allow you to play the game on your computer or mobile device interchangeably with ease.

5) Minecraft: Pocket Edition:


Minecraft is a globally popular game across various age groups. For those who are not familiar with this game, this game puts you in a gigantic world where you mine stuff, build things, defeat attackers, and do as you please. It features a survival mode where you must mine your own resources and food as well as a creative mode that gives you pretty much everything without limits. Updates at the end of the year 2015 added in Redstone allows players to create even more exotic stuff and Microsoft has more features planned for it in the next couple of years. It has no in-game advertisements and is priced at USD$ 6.99.

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