If you are a tech-savvy person who is always looking around the corner for the latest news regarding mobile phone applications and technologies then this is the blog post for you. This blog post is visible on social media because we left the marketing campaign to experts from the trusted company themarketingheaven.com shop/youtube-likes/”>themarketingheaven.com. Today we will briefly touch upon the most sought after mobile phone app technologies that make you feel as if you are living in the future, so let’s proceed further and allow us to reveal what we have in store for you:

Web Apps

Offering users around the globe the convenience and ease of use that was stress-free to imagine but tough to implement, web apps come in three major categories: adaptive, responsive, and traditional. While traditional apps only focus on displaying the website on your device, adaptive and responsive have different roles to play. While an adaptive web app simply alters the display so as to fit the different resolutions of your devices, responsive goes a step further by altering the design and layout as well to suit the specifications of your device. The best web apps currently used by device owners across the globe include Pylons project, Habitica, Koding, Codelobster, Phalcon, and Travis CI.

Augmented Reality

What may have seemed like a gimmick of the earlier 21st century now becomes a portable reality. Augmented reality apps are all the hype these days and with the passage of time, their utility is only going to rise naturally. AR brings heightened engagement of the users through the provision of a composite view that is not only attractive but speaks of the future itself. Forget Tony Stark and his Ironman suit, AR will soon wash out the competition and become widely used across homes and offices of the millennial. Last year’s megahit “Pokémon GO” was simply a glimpse of what is to come in the later years.

Location-Based Services

When it comes to preferences and customization, location-based services go hand in hand. In 2016 impressive records were broken for location-based services as various vendors and service providers sought to provide their clients with customized and tailored facilities based on their locations. A navigation system is installed within the mobile app relating to the real-time location of the user where it is then able to offer services that are aimed at maximizing the usage of the app. Perhaps the greatest example of location-based services for mobile apps can be best described through Uber and other taxi services apps.

Artificial Intelligence

For those who believed it to be a far cry, major mobile phone app developers are currently investing their resources to embed artificial intelligence within their applications. AI will shape the education industry greatly since it is heavily focused on machine learning and that can aid in teaching kids of the new era, making their scores skyrocket all around the world.

With so many ground-breaking technologies paving their way through our daily lives, there is no wonder that every entrepreneur or start-up would be dying to get their hold on to them so they can invest them into their ventures. Visit App Socio and follow our blog post to stay ahead of the competition as we bring you the latest news in the world of tech and shrewd services for your mobile application development and technologies.


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