Samsung Galaxy S8 The Best Microsoft Phone So Far

Samsung Galaxy S8 The Best Microsoft Phone So Far

The old dream, of one device that will, no not just rule, but beat them all out of the game, is one that just will not go away, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 is just another in a long list of smartphones that have tried to make Windows more compatible as well as look a lot more user friendly to Windows and Samsung fans alike. However, there are definitely a lot of twists involved here.

For starters, the Samsung Galaxy S8 continues to be the best Android phone currently available in the market visit us. Next, the company has managed to maintain prices at the original between $750 to $850 price ranges that they had fixed for the S8. What they have done with the update though is allowed for users to use the smartphone to dock into their Windows desktop using the DeX.

So if you are a Windows laptop or computer user who wishes to log onto their desktop even when they are not in the usual space where they use one of their traditional Windows devices, all you need to do is this: put the S8 or S8 Plus into the Dex, connect using a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard, and work using the larger screen space. ‘Behind the scenes,’ so to speak, the DeX is plugged to the monitor, the Android display screen of the phone is stretched out to give it a sort of Widow’s PC look.

So far, there really does not seem to be any major glitches. The DeX can be brought along with the phone at$150, bit of a pricey, ‘accessory update’, but then it does have its own ports for USB-C, Ethernet, the USB 2.0 and HDMI. Naturally, this means that the phone, like any other PC needs its own cooling fan to help control the heat that will be produced, so even that has been provided along with the Samsung phone and its DeX support, check There is no need to worry though. In spite of all these updates and add-ons, the Samsung Phone itself could be used to connect to the Internet over LTE.

What DeX allows users to do is to:

  • Streamline all of their work and data into one smart package,
  • Single large space making it easier to work and, particularly for professionals, and
  • Dedicated Samsung users will find it as a very profitable and time-saving merger of their personal and professional spaces.

However, Samsung is in no way the first smartphone company to have tried to bring Windows to smartphones. One of the first such attempts was the Nokia Lumia series, followed by the Motorola Atrix 4G, the Asus PadFone, Canonical’s many attempts, and HP’s Elite X3 which also ushered in the continuum concept, an idea that is being used even with the current Samsung phone. According to Business Insider, however, Samsung’s offering is the best around and may even make the idea of Windows and smartphones a success at last!

From a business point of view, company’s should take this interest in Windows into account and design apps that will work even when the phone is connected to a larger screen, or serving as a PC. That is where App Socio can help you build the perfect app.

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