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Common Web Development Mistakes You Should Avoid


We all know that web development caters to how certain features and elements of your website are operated and made to function, whereas designing is all about making it aesthetically look pleasing for your visitor. While developers provide the infrastructure of your website, the designers make use of attractive graphic and animations to keep it […]

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Top 10 Mobile Games


With the advent and rise of smartphones & tablet computers, app development for mobile platforms has risen considerably and sharply, since now apps developed by freelance programmers have arrived on the mobile apps marketplace and are also being downloaded in large numbers. Game development has occupied a prominent place in the mobile application software market […]

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Valentine Special Custom Web Decorations

Tweaking a website’s design slightly now and again to mold it to the perception of any particular holiday is a great idea, and this time of the year, tweaking your site’s design to adapt to the Valentine’s Day celebrations just makes your site speak volumes to your customer. For starters, a custom web design makes […]

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The Transformation of Smartphone Gaming Industry


Ever since we got a phone in our hands, let alone a smartphone, we have needed some sort of distraction, in the form of a mobile game for all those spare moments, sitting at the dentist’s office, or even when you are sitting on the loo with nothing better to do. However, we have come […]

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Business That Can Double Their ROI This Valentine’s


With holidays for a plenty, it is always a great idea to custom web design your site to ensure that you use any available seasonal trends to make great sales or even just to build up your reputation amongst a certain segment of your target audience. Or if not that, any number of campaigns may […]

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Catchy Apps For Android Users On Play Store


Android is Google’s operating system used on Android phones, and among the top android phones and tablets are ASUS, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, Sony, Sharp, LG, Dell, HTC, Acer, Toshiba, Xiaomi, Karbonn among a host of many others. Android has been renowned for quality apps at the best of prices and that Android users outnumber IOs […]

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Develop Life like Games for iOS and Android Platforms


In today’s era, the mobile platform has become more common than the computer platform, with more games on mobile phones and tablet computers becoming sleeker, smooth and life like. Also, worth mentioning is the fact that they are in large demand by avid mobile phone users around the world. One of the latest games to […]

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Top Apps On iTunes


The Apple App store has always set a benchmark for what apps are in fashion these days, which are no longer needed and what is the latest app that can help you out or make your life easier. That is not to say that you go about deleting any apps you may already have downloaded […]

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25% Discount On The Eve Of Christmas

Lewis, Delaware – December 21st 2016 – App Socio, the platform known for its exceptional designing & development of mobile applications, games & websites; is going on board with a discount offer this Christmas on any of its product or services.  Placing your order with us right up till 31st of December this year, will […]

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Tinkling bells, reindeer, elves and their bottoms/legs with red paper mint effects and dropping hails with twinkling lights everywhere… Yes, that is the theme of Christmas. With the Christmas round the corner, it is not just the streets and marketplaces that put on their festive wear, but websites as well. That’s right, this year, once […]

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