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What Do We Know About iOS 11 So Far


With June and the WWDC just around the corner, the rumor mills have been doing the rounds again. Just what will the new iOS 11, the beta version of which, as well as the beta version available for all Apple developers, is usually announced at the WWDC, feature? Here, one interesting tidbit of information: Apple […]

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Samsung Galaxy S8; A Hit or A Miss?


Android lovers are over the moon with the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S8, and according to them, this is the best phone Samsung has ever made and probably, the best phone ever. Similarly, Anti-Android brigade does not see Galaxy S8 as anything special, and they believe that Samsung has gone short on the ideas […]

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Android Nougat 7.0 Vs iOS 10; Which One Is Better:


Regardless of millions of arguments, opinions, and comparisons, some rivalries like Coke-Pepsi, Manchester United-Liverpool, USA and Russia, and Android-iOS will always remain unsettled. All these competitors have been a major threat to each other, and the things do not seem to change anytime soon. For example, Apple released iOS 10 a few months ago, and […]

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Things Game Developers Must Take Into Account to Improve Functionality


There are two things that every game developer must learn before entering into the industry; first, you must be capable of luring your audience to buy the game by providing them the compelling experience, and second is to maintain the game’s fame through regular updates and upgrades. On average, every week the mobile gaming market […]

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Check Out Some Classy Easter Promotions On iOS Apps!

The Easter is a religious holiday which provides you the respite to spend some quality time with your family or also to indulge yourself in new apps that have been provided by your OS, specifically for that auspicious event. Since smartphones and laptops are the best way to keep your children and yourself occupied during […]

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Samsung Galaxy S8 The Best Microsoft Phone So Far


The old dream, of one device that will, no not just rule, but beat them all out of the game, is one that just will not go away, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 is just another in a long list of smartphones that have tried to make Windows more compatible as well as look a […]

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Native, Web, & Hybrid Apps; Which One Should You Prefer


It is necessary for all of us to understand the differences among the different types of apps as the misconceptions can lead to horrible disasters. If you are entering the development sector without evaluating the pros and cons concerning each category of the apps, then believe us that you are in for some serious trouble. […]

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Take a Sneak Peek on Android 7.0 Nougat


It was a couple of months ago when Android 7.0 Nougat braced the market. A significant number of Android users have upgraded their OS, but few people are still wondering that if it is a worthwhile upgrade or not. In comparison to all the previous Android Development, I would say that the upgrade has focused […]

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Five Reasons Why is iOS Development Preferred over Android Development


Multiple platforms power our mobile devices, and it becomes confusing for a developer to target one of them. The companies with access to various resources can afford to invest in multiple platforms simultaneously, while the beginners (with fewer resources) have to stick with one platform. Now what is critical for the beginners is to choose […]

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How to Connect Emotions in Your Website?


There are literally millions of websites online and yet not all of them manage to become the highly successful businesses they set out to be. Have you ever wondered how it is that some websites manage to do so well in getting actual business online where other, similar businesses or websites fail? If you have […]

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