Intriguing Ideas for Web Development Projects

The demand for Web Development is on the rise because the software industry is progressing every day and it is only the beginning. Many new startups and big organizations all over the world are initiating new technological programs thus, the increasing demand for web development professionals are inevitable.

Even if your degree does not align with the services, you can still learn a lot of skills and earn through web development projects. Many online companies are hiring candidates for such jobs and we are sure you wouldn’t regret it because the work is extremely interesting and the industry is catering to organizations all around the world.

However, when the development is on such a large scale, one problem that the industry usually faces is the level of competition. So you need to upgrade your skills to adjust in the market and pick up more challenging projects to prove your worth. This will tell your clients how different you are from the rest of the companies offering the same services and will also increase your exposure in the field.

So we have come up with a list of projects you can work on or if you have a startup business and you can present these ideas to your clients to get in their good books. We would not keep you waiting much so let’s immediately get started.

1. One page layout

This project usually targets the recreation of a pixel perfect design and teaches you how to build a one-page responsive layout. It is considered a beginner level project so if you have just started out in the field that is the best way to learn about it. You can test your newly acquired knowledge with this and see what you need to work on in order to make a new mark in the field.

Usually, companies prefer to use the Conquer Template for this project. It is loaded with lots of unique layouts and in a Web development world, where you face real-life problems you can find a solution with this template to overcome those challenges. This way, you learn to experiment with new equipment like Floats and Flexbox and your skills to implement the CSS Layout techniques are also sharpened.

2. Login authentication

This is also considered a beginner level project to make you understand how Javascript works. You will be given a project where you would be asked to design a website’s login authentication bar. You might have seen such pages on almost every company’s websites as clients enter their email/username and password to get access to the content. This skill is the demand of the market today because almost every web development company asks for a login page. The best part is that it is not very difficult to learn as you just have to get used to the JavaScript and in time, this will seem like a child’s play to you.

3. Product Landing Page

Now, this is where you need to have prior knowledge of HTML and CSS. The process is rather complicated as you have to create a column and align the contents of the landing page within the column so it becomes easier for the consumers. The basic editing skills like cropping and resizing images are required and if you are familiar with the aspects of the template of the website then that adds bonus points to your resume.

4. Giphy with a unique API

For this particular product, you will need to have a sound knowledge of search inputs and Giphy API for presenting GIFs on a webpage. This skill is usually present in young people as the internet has made it easier to learn and be creative. This is also a beginner level project so you can just experiment with your skills as far as using Giphy API to recreate Giphy website is concerned. Experts say that using the Giphy API is more convenient because you do not usually get a requirement for any API keys.

One advantage of knowing the Giphy API product is that it removes the trouble of configuration while requesting data so most consumers feel safe while using the website. With Giphy API, you can build web applications that act as a search input where users can find specific GIFs or trending ones. This opens avenues for multiple forms of entertainment so we say that is a very useful skill.

5. Javascript Quiz Fame

This is more like a technical version of multiple-choice questions where you use a Javascript quiz game to include various answers and then users have to pick the right one. You might have seen this technology recently on Instagram where your followers pick a correct answer for the questions you put on your story. Like we said earlier, learning JavaScript is not that difficult but the real challenges arise when you have to use the knowledge to test your skills in the real world. Even if you know the entire theorem by memory it might take you some time to adjust and apply it so this is why you should begin with its practical application as soon as possible.

This project is highly recommended by the experts because complex logic is involved and it will open your mind to multiple scenes. You will be able to present a lot of options to your client if you learn to test with a JavaScript quiz game. You will also be equipped with the knowledge of data management and DOM manipulation. The game development industry loves to experiment with this because once you learn how to handle the project, you can make the plot as simple or as complex as you want. So make a simple game and see how it plays out.

6. To-do list

This is also linked to JavaScript as the program is used to develop a web application that further leads you to work on to-do lists for routine tasks. You need to have a sound knowledge of HTML and CSS to be able to produce high-quality results. JavaScript in this project will help you satisfy your clients because the users can delete and also group items with interactive coding lists. So the next time you switch on your phone to use the to-do list, do wonder about the process behind it.

7. SEO friendly website

Every software company caters to this aspect, especially because in today’s technological world, this is one of the most vital aspects of website building. If you do not have SEO, your website will most likely fail to make its mark in the internet world and driving the traffic to your content would become almost impossible. The SEO team around the world puts a ton of work into making the function of the websites as effective as possible so if you’re working on web development you need to have a basic idea of how they operate.

With this project, you can take up the role of Digital Marketer as in-depth knowledge of SEO is a given when you are the position. If you are not well-versed in this aspect we recommend that you ask for a technical SEO expert and collaborate with them on the project and we promise the result will be really good.

When you learn about SEO, your programs become user friendly as the generation of URLs is targeted towards the audience who then come visit your website for information. The site also loads quickly on both desktop and mobile devices which tells you that having SEO operation makes your work more responsive. The brand images of many corporations today depend heavily on social media and SEO plays a key role in it so if you are thinking about learning SEO we would like you to know that you are headed in the right direction.

8. JavaScript Drawing

The inspiration for this project comes largely from Infinite Rainbow on CodePen. It becomes thoroughly important to know JavaScript when you’re pursuing a field in the web development industry because most demands are heavily based on that. The Javascript-based project uses it as a tool to make users connect with HTML and CSS programs on a web browser. If you are familiar with this project, then you know how easily the professionals use JavaScript’s super cool drawing libraries Canvas, Canviz, Raphael etc.

Also, if you’re good at drawing, then you can put those skills to use with JavaScript’s tools. These skills form an integral part of the digital world today so if you master these, you can earn your place in the industry. Usually, when companies ask for a drawing skill set it is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of pages so users like the representation of the content and are motivated to engage with the business.

9. Search Engine Result Page

Many experts cite this as the most entertaining part of web development because here, you do not need to work a lot but instead use your critical skills to impress a client. The process involves constructing a search engine result page that has a close resemblance to Google’s SERPs.

When you are working on it you need to make sure that the webpage has the ability to display at least ten search results as you see on Google. The navigation arrows should be present at the bottom of the web page to make sure to move between different pages consisting of content. Basically, it is a search engine project and if you have used different browsers you do have a clear picture of the process.

10. Google homepage look alike

This is also a project that refers to JavaScript and here you need to construct a webpage that has all the same properties as Google’s current home page. This can be a bit tricky as the page should have a very close resemblance with the Google homepage including the logo, search icons, textbook, Gmail and image buttons. We have all used Google a lot so the development is not difficult but if you are proficient in HTML and CSS you will obviously have an edge over everyone else. This is more like a copy and pastes project because the functions have to be exactly those that Google represents so you do not need to think a lot when it comes to working on the Google-based homepage.

11. Tribute Page

As absurd this sounds, this project actually exists. In fact, if you go and search the tribute page on Google search engine you will find a lot of results and links while explaining what these pages do primarily. You can also find a guide of visuals on how to construct such a site.

To put it simply, a tribute page is a part of web development that’s dedicated to a loved one, be it family, your pet or anything that you hold close to your heart. Whenever there’s an anniversary or a famous event, you do see Google template change its themes and visuals to adjust to it so this is exactly what a tribute page covers. You need to add links to it so when the user presses on it, they are informed about the relevance of that page. This can be a good exercise to sharpen your HTML skills and give you a clear idea about the aesthetics in the web development world.

12. Survey Form

This is probably the easiest and yet the most complicated task that people undertake but is quite important in order to maintain the functionality of a website. For instance, many companies use this to get reviews from the users to see how exactly their services are performing.

The target audience is used to improve the overall quality of the page so you need to be vigilant when designing the questions and the content of the survey. Here, more than your knowledge of the complicated software, you will be judged for your structuring skills so make sure you make a checklist of name, age, email address, contact number and other relevant questions so you do not miss out on anything.

This gives you a clear cut idea of everything about the web development industry if you are looking forward to testing your skills. Practice these projects and we promise you will emerge as a champion.

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