The Easter is a religious holiday which provides you the respite to spend some quality time with your family or also to indulge yourself in new apps that have been provided by your OS, specifically for that auspicious event. Since smartphones and laptops are the best way to keep your children and yourself occupied during the long, peaceful Easter week, we have decided to review few promotional iOS apps that would be worth of your interest. Let’s start the things with some religious context, and therefore the Bible leads the charge of apps that have been or will be a fan favourite on Easter.


The iOS Developers have decided to make the Bible app free as the Holy Book is the best way to provide all the relevant information and knowledge regarding the event. With its simple user interface and availability in more than 700 languages, BIBLE is the type of app that you would love to have during the peaceful week of Easter.

Egg Dyeing 101:

The reviews I heard about this app were so compelling and it was after the installation that I realized why this app won the award for being the best app for iOS. The app lets you create enchanting egg designs along with your friends and family. You would be able to select 101 different designs from the gallery to showboat your creativity, Kids would love this app, but even adults would find it intriguing and engaging, check

Easter Cards:

It is not a new app as it has been famous among the iOS users for good two-to-three years now, but every year on Easter, iOS adds new features and ideas to make it better find more about bls aha renewal. With thousands of new designs and ideas, the app is best to share Easter cards with the loved ones. You can share the cards on all the social media platforms as well and importantly; the app is FREE!

Easter Bunny Book:

If you are looking for a proper resting holiday and want your kids to be engaged in their iPhones or Mac Books then download this app for them. The integration of new templates and adorable bunnies would keep the kids engaged in filling the colours, and you would be provided with the luxury of complete rest. Check

Big Oven:

Attention ladies! If you are looking forward to cooking big, sumptuous family meals over the Easter period, then this app is solely designed for you. With around half million recipes of seasonal collections, this app will provide perfect recipes for the event, and your tedious cooking duties would become easy and enjoyable.

The list of iOS Development for Easter could go on and on, but these were the apps that you can’t miss. Moreover, these apps are not just event-specified apps, but actually, these performance-oriented, engaging apps could become a permanent part of your Apple devices for a long time to come. App Socio is a platform where you can get more information and consultancy regarding the types of app that could instantly become a fan favorite.