The question that remains when your phone is at its last gasp is often ‘what to do’. With your phone’s battery at a critical state, there is very little that can actually be done and what bothers people most is that they can’t really use many functions or any single application for a long period. At the last stages of your phone’s battery, there is little to do and very often we all try to avoid reaching a critical battery level on our phone since a low battery limits the functions that you can use on your phone then, but not anymore!

Now at the very last stages of your phone’s battery, you can enjoy a whole new experience from this innovative new application. Launched and functioning on Android and iOS, ‘Die With Me’ is a brand new innovative messaging application that only works when your phone is at 5% battery or below.

Just when you thought that other than the conventional ‘Facebook Messenger’, ‘WhatsApp’ and ‘Snapchat’ no new messaging application could come up with something brand new, ‘Die With Me’ brings out a whole new experience as it attempts to play with human emotions in a whole new level. With something that has never been explored before, this innovative new application makes you wait for your phone to reach a critical battery level to delve into the world of random strangers with a low battery life remaining.

The new innovative chat application was designed as a dating app that would urge the users to meet physically meet due to the time limitation of having a low battery but has emerged as a random chat app that allows strangers to have short fast conversations in an attempt to bring people closer by eliminating the barriers that modern-day online chat applications have created.

Die With Me’ is a pretty basic chat application that offers minimum functions and a very low-power, basic user interface. The application has erased all of the modern era chat functions that have made the modern era of talking to people online interesting in its own way and reverted users back to the early days of chatting when all that was possible was to send text messages. The user interface is pretty basic and is simple to use due to the low battery that users have. The app opens up a world of new possibilities where users can chat with random strangers on their way to offline freedom.  Here’s how to get started!

  • Download the application on your Android or iPhone app.
  • Wait for your battery to drop below 5%.
  • Open the app!
  • Choose a nickname for yourself.
  • Enter a virtual chat room where you can see everyone’s remaining battery life along with their messages.
  • Enjoy the last few moments that you have with your phone!

With the purpose of pushing people to actually go out and physically meet each other rather than to stay closed up in an online world, Die With Me really toys with people. Watch how as your battery percentage slowly drops to zero, you feel your world quickly pass by as everything begins to fade, and slowly, one by one, your acquaintances begin to drop on your way to ecstatic offline freedom! Feel free to contact App Socio, an android development company and iOS development company if you are planning to create a novel app check out for more thanks :).


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