Halloween is just around the corner, it’s time to lock, stock, and shock paying customers with smoking discounts. Paralleling Christmas, it’s the time of giving as consumers are expecting the special waive-offs and discounts. Celebrating the Halloween spirit, strike a win-win situation for the end-consumers and business. There are a plethora of ideas to capitalize on Halloween festivities.

1. Discount Offers Banners

Given that the Halloween spirit is in the air, send Halloween-themed discount banners all across online platforms. Mishmashing colorful Halloween sales messages with discount offers, incoming traffic would have something to return to. Depending on the niche in question, match the banner discounts with competitor discounts in order to maximize revenues, roping in more consumers, thereby decreasing the bounce rate. Minor souvenirs won’t hurt, yet they will stamp the brand image in paying customer’s minds.

Initiate a limited-time offer during Halloween week, as consumers are keeping a hawk-eye for any avenues of product discounts. Offer free giveaways and temporary discounts on highly sold products to create an appealing factor.

2. Spooky Animated GIFs

Visual content such as videos, GIFs, and videos captivate the attention of social media traffic more efficiently when compared to plain text. Special events such as Halloween permit businesses to loosen up and cut some slack on the prices of existing products. Brainstorm for Halloween GIFs with:

  • Opting for a children-friendly monster/ cartoon to attract a certain demographic
  • Adding funny captions to captivate the audience and send them the sales pitch
  • Post it on all social media portals

3. Mobile App Ideas

With Halloween around the corner, plan an app for this festive season. Each yearly special such as Christmas, Easter, and Halloween brings about specialized apps to rally up clientele. These apps target the viral culture and current trends.

To this end, the website/ app can be made interactive; a self-operated graphic video of sorts to navigate users to their destinations. For the Halloween season, the app can be tweaked to indicate the holiday spirit. As is the case with each eCommerce business, businesses can capitalize from photo-editors, social campaigns, videos, and games. Each season, these offers and discounts spring up to maximize the flow of sales and consumers alike

4. Decorate Social Media Profiles

Spruce up the social media outlets in a similar manner by accentuating/ beautifying it. Celebrating the holiday spirit, knockoff a few bucks (better to compare competitor prices) to ramp in maximum sales.

Change the color scheme of the website with respect to the Halloween feel. Adding spooky pumpkins and otherworldly costumed creatures will stir enough attention from the audience’s behest. A small GIF can be tweaked in to amuse the aspiring purchaser.

5. Host a Photo Contest

Whereas eCommerce portals are brainstorming for maximizing consumer attention-span, some reverse engineering can move mountains. Make the website audience-driven. By hosting a photo contest, the audience can post their best-captured photos and engage with the website on their social platforms. Switching to this mindset has woven wonders for businesses. By organizing a photo contest in the absence of a similar competitor initiative, it can greatly ramp up the website as a customer-friendly company.


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